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Chez Fonfon is a casual, bustling bistro in the heart of Five Points South transporting you to Paris, Lyon or Nice. Since opening in 2000, this homage to comforting French fare, including steak frites, sautéed trout with brown butter and escargots, has garnered local and national acclaim. Belle Époque café tables and a 100 year-old etched glass door from Lyon lend authenticity amid cozy, inviting surrounds. Bistro traditions are celebrated every day, along with wines from the Loire, Rhône and Languedoc.

Vive le Fonfon!



Frank Stitt

Frank Stitt

Executive Chef

Pardis and Frank Stitt complement each other in their commitment to creating a memorable dining experience for their guests, from excellence in the kitchen to intuitive service in the dining room.

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Pardis Stitt

Pardis Stitt

Executive of Experience
The spirit of France lands in Five Points South at this charming destination for classic French bistro fare served alongside inventive cocktails and a deep list of wines from the motherland.


Alabama's answer to the classic Parisian bistro.

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Pitch-perfect bistro.

Southern Living

You are instantly transported to your favorite bistro in France. The menu features French classics like croque madame, steak tartare and escargots. On a nice day you can enjoy your fare outside and challenge fellow diners to a friendly game of boule.

AFAR - A little Bit of France in the Deep South

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A respite from the day. Enjoy a meal with friends, linger over a cocktail or glass of wine, or play a game of boule.


  1. The game is played by two teams, with one to three players per side. Each team chooses a Captain. At all times, the Captain determines which teammate will throw his/her boule (large balls) and when. No player may throw more than two consecutive boules. The starting team is decided by tossing the red/blue washer. One player will throw the cochonnet (small ball) to begin the game.
  2. When throwing a boule, the player must keep both feet on the throwing pad. Teams take turns trying to place their boule closer to the cochonnet, or to knock away the opponents boule. Whatever team does not have the boule closest to the cochonnet plays the next boule until it has the closest boule or has no more boules to play.
  3. The team with the closest boule wins one point. Additionally, one point is awarded for each boule closer to the cochonnet than the closest boule of the opposing team. The game is played to 13 points.
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